Official WinSource app now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace

We tell you about new apps appearing in the Windows Phone Marketplace almost every day, but it’s not often we get to tell you about our very own app. It took longer than we expected, but over the weekend the WinSource app was finally published to the Marketplace. If you missed our hands-on video from when we announced the app be sure to check it out below.


  • Feeds for most recent news or specific, filtered categories
  • Live tile with alerts for new stories
  • Stories and comments are displayed in ultra-smooth native Silverlight format without resorting to a slow, resource-intensive browser window
  • View embedded YouTube videos and WinSource‚Äôs YouTube channel without ever leaving the app
  • Share stories via email, SMS, or your social networks
  • Pin deeplinked stories to Start to follow discussions
  • Search with endless scrolling results
  • Offline viewing of recent stories
  • Particular effort has been made to gracefully handle network errors and unexpected responses
  • Functions as a true hub for Windows news

The app is free and available to download from the link below. Please be sure to leave a rating and review if you like the app! We will be working to make it even better, so let us know what you think!