Bloomberg reports that Verizon will be getting Nokia WP8 device this fall

Verizon has not been the biggest supporter of Windows Phone. They have the HTC Trophy, and they keep it updated, but they have made statements that without LTE support there is no place for WP on Verizon. Windows Phone 8 has LTE support, and a lot of other power features that Verizon wants. Bloomberg is reporting that Verizon will indeed be getting a WP8 device, and it will be made by Nokia.

The report claims that Verizon’s WP8 device will be available in the fall around the holidays. Verizon won’t be present at the Nokia/Microsoft event. We expect AT&T to be the first carrier with a WP8 device, but Verizon won’t be far behind. A report by Bloomberg is important because they pride themselves on accuracy. There is a very, very good chance that this report will come true.

Get excited, HTC Trophy owners.

[via Bloomberg]

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