[Rumor] Nokia Unveiling Arrow and Phi Devices for AT&T and T-Mobile on September 5th

We’ve been reporting that Nokia is likely to unveil new devices soon for a few weeks now, but unnamed sources contacting The Verge have given us a concrete date with codenames when it comes to new Nokia handsets. According to the source, on September 5th Nokia will unveil two new devices called the Arrow and Phi, with a third codenamed Atlas scheduled to be unveiled a few weeks later. The first two devices will be AT&T and T-Mobile phones, while the Atlas will be for Verizon.

The Phi is rumored to have a 4.65″ curved display with the same polycarbonate body as the Lumia range, while the Arrow will be a mid-range phone expected to head straight to T-Mobile, while the Phi will be exclusively available at AT&T. Are you excited? We certainly are.

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