Tiny Bee Now Available on Windows Phone

We’re always happy to bring new games into the Windows Phone family, especially when they’ve done well for themselves on iOS or Android. Tiny Bee ┬áis a gravity slider type game where you must guide a small bee over various hills and obstacles to collect honey before a thunderstorm comes. The premise is very simple, yet the levels remain decently challenging.

For $0.99, the game offers 20 levels with 12 different achievements to collect and highscore sharing through Scorelopp so you can quickly challenge your friends in the game. Additional features include:

  • easy handling
  • 20 level
  • 15 tasks
  • 12 achievements
  • Scoreloop

If you’re interested in giving the game a go, you can nab the demo from here. Unfortunately it’s not an Xbox LIVE, but its definitely worth having a lot at anyway.

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