Like Scrabble & Boggle? Check Out WordHaste for Windows Phone

If you’re eager for a new game to try this Friday, WordHaste is for you. The game mixes the rules of Scrabble and Boggle by taking place on a Scrabble board with multiple players being issued the same letters. You have to come up with as many words as you can within 2.5 minutes and the player with the most points by Scrabble rules wins. As you can see the board is littered with Triple Letter and Word score tiles, so it behooves the player to play around these.

The game is an interesting little diversion and there were around 10 to 20 people playing in the rounds of games that I played this morning. If you’re interested in trying out the app before you put it on your phone, a fully playable Silverlight version is available on the developer’s website here. You can download the app to your phone by clicking here. Go have fun!


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