New Fujitsu Windows Phone 8 Phones Leak

Remember the Fujitsu waterproof phones we played around with at CES this year? It looks like the company is dedicated to the model, since a new Windows Phone 8 variant has sprung up. The Japanese manufacturer will have at least three Windows Phone 8 handsets, with the Fujitsu IS12T being the successor to the waterproof phones we saw at CES. It’ll be a dual core beast I’m sure, since the original phone had 32GB of storage and a massive 13.2MP camera.

It’s exciting to see a company as dedicated to the Windows Phone platform as Fujitsu and I must say, if the phones actually made it to the United States like planned, they might have a market. We fully submerged the phones and gave them a beating with a steel ball bearing and they still went on ticking with no trouble at all. You’d think they were made by Nokia or something, right?

[via WMPU]

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