Windows 8 Apps Nearing 1,000 with 195 Added Last Week

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Windows 8 app store is going to be big. The operating system isn’t even officially launched yet and already the app store almost has 1,000 apps available, with nearly 200 apps per week being added at latest stat recording. Growth for the store has been slow up until now, which honestly makes sense. Developers want to develop for a gold operating system to make sure as few changes as necessary are needed for final code.

As the October 26th release date looms near, we expect the Windows Store to continue its growth. Many early adopters will flock to the store to see what it contains and we’re hoping enough high profile developers will have embraced Windows 8 to make it worthwhile. Afterall, Windows Phone 8 success depends highly upon developers willing to write apps for Windows 8 as well.

[via Neowin]

  • Robert

    Those Microsoft peoples should give me a WinStore account so I can actually submit my app to the marketplace!

  • Billeh

    I gotten windows 8 pro and checked the whole market place. To be quite frank, not all the apps are best in terms of quality.