MetroTalk updated to version 2.4, adds search and new live tiles functionality

If you’re a Google Voice user there are a couple good apps for Windows Phone. MetroTalk is one of the better apps available, and the developer has been hard at work making it even better. A new update to MetroTalk has just hit the airwaves, and its got some nice new features.

The main new features are new live tile functionality and search. The new live functionality gives you the option to show the most recent message revived on the live tile. other features include thumbnails for all pages, send messages to multiple contacts, and more. Find the changelog below.

  • New: Live tile now optionally displays the most recently received message
  • New: Full thumbnail support for all pages
  • New: Search functionality
  • New: Ability to send a message to multiple recipients
  • New: International characters for both contacts and messages
  • New: Action-links support for phone numbers, URLs and email addresses embedded in messages
  • New: The autocomplete recipient search now supports first names, last names and nicknames

  • Tsiakkos

    I absolutely love this app. Does what it should and it looks better that other alternatives. The new thumbnail picture is just adding the cherry on the cake.