Kinect for Windows SDK Coming September 15th; Windows Phone Coming Soon?

WPDang has an interesting rumor for us today. According to the site, the final version of the Windows SDK for Kinect will be released on September 15th. It’s an interesting time for sure, which is right after the Windows Phone 8 launch and before the official launch of Windows 8. According to WPDang, the Windows Phone division has been involved in the Windows SDK for Kinect. Interesting.

There’s no telling what this could mean for both Kinect and Windows Phone, as you certainly can’t cram a Kinect device into a mobile phone and one of the major selling points Microsoft has been shoving down our throats since the Kinect announcement is that you don’t need a controller to play with it. It’s interesting to think about the possibilities of a Kinect and Windows Phone crossover, but how viable would this be in actuality?

If anything comes from it, I have my money on Smart Glass. I only wish Microsoft would stop working on their gimmicky takes on motion control and get back to actual gaming. The Kinect as it stands is little more than a $150 Dance Central enjoyment tool.

[via WPDang]

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