Two Windows Phone apps coming soon for your bleeding edge social network needs

If you’re a social network fiend you’ve probably heard of For everyone else, think of as a Twitter-like service that charges for use. That might sound like a negative thing, but it allows users to have more control over the¬†experience¬†so they don’t have to worry about it changing on them (a la Facebook and Twitter).

Windows Phone has two apps on the horizon for users. The first is called Gnirous. You can see a few screenshots of the app here, but that’s about all we know. It is listed as “Coming Soon.” The second app is called DotDot, and we know even less about this one. You can sign up here to be included in the private beta.

Any users out there?

  • I’m waiting to see if anyone I care about actually moves to before throwing down any money. If it starts to thrive as a means of communication, then I wouldn’t have a problem putting some cash where my social is.