Nokia welcomes Samsung back to Windows Phone, thanks them for the warm up act

We were a bit surprised yesterday when Samsung unveiled the world’s first Windows Phone 8 handset. That was something we assumed that Nokia would have the pleasure of doing next week with Microsoft. Nokia isn’t taking the news too seriously, and they’re even having a little fun at Samsung’s expense.

The photo above was tweeted by Nokia Doug Dawson. The lady in the photo is holding up a sign that reads “Samsung: Nokia welcomes you back to Windows Phone…” Doug Dawson later took to Twitter again and called the ATIV S a “warm up act” and said “first does not equel best.”

It’s interesting that Nokia had these signs ready for IFA, which shows that they knew Samsung would be first with WP8. Hopefully this isn’t just pointless trash talk, and Nokia has something great up their sleeves.

[via WPCentral]

  • Mitchell Sheehan

    Wow….. Nokia sure is bringing our hopes really high. I hope they don’t smash it with a ton of falling bricks.