Samsung ATIV S looks better than the Galaxy S III

The Ativ S was revealed earlier this week to much fanfare, with many people believing it looks better than the Galaxy S3. Russian website Hi-tech.mai.u managed to get hold of both devices and it looks like public opinion was right; the Ativ S is a much better looking phone than Samsung’s flagship Android device. Even at a glance, the Ativ S looks more sturdy and well-built than its Android counterpart.

What do you think? Will you be snagging the Ativ S based on looks alone or are you waiting for Nokia to release their handsets come September 5th?


  • Rocco M.

    let me know what youre smoking.

  • Joe


  • I think it does look better than the S3. it would look even better w/o the physical home button. Not sure why thats there..

  • scoter man1

    … it looks exactly the same. Its just a different color.

  • Haxcid

    Are we looking at the same set of phones you are. They do not look alike at all. The windows phone is much better looking.