Leaked Images of Nokia’s Wireless Charger Surface

Earlier this morning we told you about the Nokia Lumia 920’s wireless charging feature. Now we have images of the charger that will come with the Lumia 820 and the Lumia 920. The pad appears to be quite long and will most likely feature a USB charger port for convenience. The design of the pad is interesting, but if rumors are true, then the phone will be compatible with a wide array of wireless charging products already available on the market.

We won’t be certain of any of the features in our last post until Wednesday, but these make for some juicy rumors to speculate over.

[via The Verge]

  • AlluvialRetral99
  • richandwhite

    I really hope this becomes a thing. Being able to buy a nightstand or a desk that I can just throw electronics on and they charge would be amazing.