Microsoft Reveals New Windows 8 Companion App for Windows Phones

Over the past few months we’ve reported about Microsoft hasing out the Zune desktop app and its features in preparation for something new. The music aspect of Zune was shifted into Xbox music, while other features such as apps and integration with Windows Phone have been largely left intact. Today, the company showed off its new apps that are designed to sync with Windows Phone devices. The app follows the Metro style and will be available in the Windows Store. It’s designed to replace the Zune client for Windows 8 users, making the metro experience that much more fluid.

For users who have Windows 8 in addition to their WP8 phones, the app will be installed automatically once a device is connected. Windows 7 users will need to download the proper desktop app in order to manage their devices. This effectively ends the chapter on the life of Zune as a piece of software. What do you think of the new look?

[via The Verge]


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