Windows Phone 8 accent colors revealed


Last month we were promised more accent colors in Windows Phone 8, but we haven’t been able to see exactly what those colors will look like. The folks over at 1800pocketpc put together a pallet of colors that are supposedly from the WP8 SDK. The list of colors is now up to 20. What are your favorites? I’m personally looking forward to using the cobalt blue.

[via 1800pocketpc]

  • richandwhite

    I can’t imagine that it would be hard to implement a big ‘ol color wheel, or at least select a color and be presented with different shades.

  • Joe_Fedewa

    It wouldn’t be hard, but I think since the accent color is used so much throughout the OS that they want to make sure the color you use won’t mess things up. That’s just my hunch.