Zombies, Run! App on Sale Today, Save Five Bucks!

Earlier this year in June we told you guys about the Zombies, Run! app that’s designed to give you an edge to your workouts. It combines an apocalyptic zombie narrative with your own running goals to make exercising that much more fun. It’s a great idea and it’s why the app was Kickstarted successfully and became available on iOS, Android, and eventually Windows Phone. The only downside was the cost of admission, which sat at a hefty $7.99.

An app that expensive is usually unheard of outside of BlackBerry users, so it was hard to recommend for someone who might not be keen on the idea of running to a zombie apocalypse story. The app is on sale today at $2.99, so now I can safely tell you there’s no reason not to pick it up. It’s a great narrative for those who require a little bit of extra motivation to hit the streets. Snag it here and let us know what you think.

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