What will we see at the Nokia/Windows Phone 8 event tomorrow?

Tomorrow is the day we’ve all been waiting for. New hardware from Nokia, and new features for Windows Phone 8 should be unveiled before you even eat lunch. The last few months have been filled with speculation, and in the last couple weeks we’ve been getting leaks to solidify those speculations. But you never can be sure what will happen.

So before the event unfolds now is the time to lay down your predictions. How many devices will we see? What features will Microsoft unveil that we haven’t heard about? What color will the phones be? Let us know what you think we will see tomorrow, and then check back afterwards to see who was right!

  • simzzdev

    I know there have been a lot of leaks, but I am still hoping that Microsoft has a trick or two up its sleeve.
    Either way, I am now just trying to decide which color Lumia 920 to pick out…white, gray?

  • I love that silver is now an option. I’m going to be hard pressed to pick between it and black.