New Windows Phone 8 Camera Lens Details & Nokia Exclusive Lenses

Who needs Instagram on your phone when lenses can do the same thing when the picture is taken? Microsoft has created a lens suite that allows users to choose effects for their images on the fly, before they are taken, as well as several lenses that are available to make sharing much easier for Windows Phone users. These lens include effects like negative and black and white.

Additionally, Photosynth is now available as a lens for the camera that allows you to take panoramas from your Windows Phone 8 phone and create a full 360 panorama direct from the camera without having to open up a third party app. The lens portion of the camera and photography experience for Windows Phone 8 is extensible, which means anyone can write an app or lens to be used with the camera.

The blink feature that was detailed during the developer conference earlier this year is also included as a lens, so you can now choose the best facial expression for each person in your photo to make sure you have the best photo for your snapshots.

New Nokia lenses include Object Remover and Cinemagraph. The object remover lens allows you to remove moving targets from your pictures so you can capture images of your friends and family without worrying about others getting in the way. Cinemagraph allows you to add motion to your pictures with subtle movement, similar to how .gifs function.

SkyDrive integration is included as well, which lets you back up your photos directly to your SkyDrive cloud. This is an awesome set of features that changes the way Windows Phone 8 users will use their cameras.

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