Synaptics ClearTouch Series 3 is the Secret Behind Nokia’s New Super Sensitive Touchscreen

One of the new features unveiled for the Lumia 820 & 920 yesterday was the ability to use the touchscreen with gloves. The handsets are the first in the world to offer this capability, thanks to a new advanced multi-touch technology provided by Synaptics ClearPad Series 3.

The new ClearPad Series 3 eliminates the need to remove gloves, as the touch instantly optimizes itself to detect skin, fingernails, and even gloved fingers so that the screen will respond the same to all three. Kevin Barber, the senior vice president of Synaptics Handheld Division had great things to say about Nokia and this new technology.

[quote]”We are excited to participate with Nokia as they unveil their first Windows Phone 8 devices by enabling advanced features such as gloved finger support. Synaptics and Nokia have partnered for many years and we’re pleased to continue the innovation with the introduction of these new devices.”[/quote]

[via Nokia]

  • Hopefully these devices launch before anyone else gets that tech out of the gate first.