Nokia Aiming for November 2nd to Launch Lumia 920 on AT&T

Perhaps the two most important things missing from Nokia’s announcement on Wednesday were pricing and availability. Now it looks like the Finnish company’s plans for release have been detailed, whether they’re ready to talk or not. According to multiple sources, Nokia is currently working with both Microsoft and AT&T to perform a series of tests that are required in order for the Lumia 920 to be signed off for release. Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Phone 8 is being finalized and will be released to manufacturers next week.

AT&T are testing the Lumia 920 as well, with a window for launch scheduled on November 2nd. That’s just a few days after the official Windows Phone 8 launch on October 29th, which means those holding out for the Lumia device will have to wait. The decision could be hard, especially if the Samsung ATIV S is available the day of launch. Of course, November 2nd isn’t set in stone, but now that we have a tentative release date, what do you think? Will you be waiting to pick up the Lumia 920 when it launches?

[via The Verge]



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