Nokia Steps Up in Low-Light After Accusations of Faked PureView Images

Nokia had a lot to be excited about on Wednesday with the debut of the Lumia 920 with PureView technology, but unfortunately their marketing team botched the whole operation by supplying video and images that were not taken with the Lumia 920 as evidence as to why the new technology is great. It seems companies never learn that once a video is available on the internet, every minute detail can be pored over and dishonesty will be discovered.

Nokia has apologized for the deception and invited The Verge to Central Park in an event that allowed them to test the Lumia 920 against several other leading smartphones on the market. The Verge was only allowed to take still images, as Nokia said the PureView video technology is not ready yet. However, as you can see above, the Lumia 920 really does outperform all other smartphones available on the market. The HTC One X did the most admirable job of keeping up with the Lumia 920, but only when it was specifically set to its night mode that allowed for low light capture.

What do you think? Obviously Nokia should have been upfront about its marketing materials, but it looks like the technology really is as good as Nokia has touted on Wednesday.

[via The Verge]

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    The camera is not that important for me. The Galaxy S2 and htc Titan have great picture quality. Screen size, OS, design, price and spesifications.

    In this picture it is easy to rate the phones:
    4: iPhone 4S
    3: htc one X
    2: Nokia Lumia 920
    1: Samsung galaxy S3

  • laughinfish

    Looks like Lumia ‘s got the flash enabled and all the others with no flash.I don’t really find a worthy improvement when compared to others.And Camera is the only one where Lumia scores some good marks when all the specs are put on paper if it is as said by Nokia.But as of now it looks like Samsung ativ S can only save MS.

  • Joe

    I’m not saying you are wrong, but why do you rate the GS3 over the 920 in this pic?

  • little too late (assuming its not another fudged up attempt by nokia). The embarassment and headlines created by the ‘scandalous’ bicycle advert is trending much louder than this follow up attempt. With 2 Q;s resulting in a billion dollar losses and this Q no phone sales due to announcement of Windows Phone 8 making the first lumia devices nothing but paperweight …. Nokia is doomed.

  • Joe

    How many regular ‘ol consumers do you think even know about the faked video?