Adera & Taptiles Arrive in the Windows 8 Game Store

The Windows 8 Games Store that has given the gaming world license to bash Windows 8 has been looking pretty sparse, but today it got a few new additions. these include a hidden object type game called Adera, and a tile-based puzzle game called Taptiles. Why certainly these games aren’t going to pull people away from Halo and Gears of War, it’s an interesting addition to pre-launch titles for Windows 8 users. They both support achievements and leader boards and allow you to play through a short demo before you’ll need to purchase additional content.

They’re certainly interesting additions to the sparse library, but something tells me until the library includes more Xbox LIVE Arcade titles and more action type games like Halo, the library won’t be anything that receives more than a passing mention for true gamers.

[via Neowin]

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