HTC says they have better carrier support than Nokia

The last year hasn’t been great for HTC. Samsung has taken over as the worlds biggest Android manufacturer, and to make things worse they can’t even dominate Windows Phone because of Nokia. Still, HTC has pledged to “go big on Windows 8.”

HTC isn’t afraid of Nokia’s special relationship with Microsoft because they feel they have better carrier relationships. HTC has been able to get Windows Phones on all four carriers, whereas Nokia has only been able to get on AT&T and T-Mobile. HTC can take a big leap by announcing carriers for new devices on September 19th, something Nokia failed to do last week.

[via Unwired View]

  • CX1

    so they have better coverage based on 2+ year old phones on other carriers, of which I believe both have been dropped.

  • Didn’t Nokia say they were only going to be making GSM devices? This makes sense as to why they don’t have one for Verizon or Sprint. (But with Verizon being the largest carrier, it doesn’t make sense why Nokia would kill off the potential market share, especially when they and Windows Phone are in an uphill battle to stay relevant.)

  • I kept hearing that they want to have a Nokia phone on Verizon. Apple was also only doing GSM phones for a while. Nokia will do what it takes to be on Verizon, especially after they saw the effect it had on iphone sales