Instagram for Windows Phone spotted in Nokia Lumia 920 promo video

Get those cameras ready, Instagram is coming to Windows Phone! In a promotional video for the Lumia 920 a Instagram live tile can be seen showing the amount of likes and comments. The new Lenses functionality in WP8 just beg to be used by Instagram, so we are glad to see the app. This would be a great app for Microsoft to announce alongside the fullĀ unveilĀ of Windows Phone 8. We wouldn’t be surprised if Nokia has some exclusivity on Instagram, but we’ll wait to hear more about this exciting news.

[via The Verge]

  • They better be making it available for 7.5/7.8 too, or I am going to rage. I have been asking for support for WP7 for most of the year, and I’m not alone in this.

  • I agree 100%. There should be no reason that 7.8 users cant have instagram!

  • Eric

    The apps made for wp8 wont be reverse compatible with WP7.8, the app would have to b made for WP7.8 to be available to us first gens

  • Elisangela

    We want the windows phone 7.0 also is not fair to have only to Nokia Lumia 920! We want the instagram in windows phone 7.0

  • that is garbage if it is true.

  • Sadie

    Can you download instagram on the Nokia Lumina 920, I just got this phone today and it doesn’t come up :( please help me

  • Hi Sadie,

    It’s not available for download yet, but considering that Instagram is now owned by Facebook and Facebook and Microsoft have a strong partnership, expect it soon. This is likely a development build to test the app before releasing it to public. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

  • xczachx20

    not garbage. put an xbox 360 game inside an original xbox and see how far that gets you. technology updates and they make it so you have to keep up. a lot of things in life work that way

  • yes good point but the 900 was released in April. If it becomes out dated in less than a year. There was 4 years in between the og xbox and the 360. I could understand my phone not being able to use certain apps in 4 years.