Is Windows Phone 8 Destined to Receive Custom Accent Colors and Native Photosynth Support?

One of the top features that Windows Phone users have been wanting for years is a color wheel to choose their own custom accent colors instead of the pre-defined colors that ship with the ecosystem. With Windows Phone 8 Microsoft added several new color options, but it looks like a custom color wheel for choosing your own accents could be on the way. on Microsoft’s UserVoice website, the company has given current users a way to voice their opinions and requests for the operating system. According to one post which states, “I want to design my own color for live tiles and the OS rather than being limited to a selection”, Microsoft has marked this feature as Planned.

While this is a generic acknowledgement that the feature will be available at some point in Windows Phone 8 and not necessarily at launch, it means that Microsoft is listening to its most passionate user base: those who have already bought into the ecosystem. So what other features and requests have Microsoft marked as planned? One is the inclusion of Photosynth in Windows Phone. We did a small preview of photosynth a few months ago and found it to be an amazing way to take panorama shots. Of course, Microsoft planning something doesn’t mean confirmation, but color us happy that we’re finally getting through to the Windows Phone development team.

[via WPCentral]



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