Microsoft Surface is causing some potential iPad buyers to hold off

Microsoft Surface isn’t even available to purchase yet, but it may already be cutting into iPad sales. According to the Ben Gracewood, of a New Zealand Windows 8 software company, had this to say about Surface.

I thought Microsoft was insane announcing the Surface without any pricing or release date. But since then we have encountered several customers who were intending to purchase iPads and stopped.

This is why Microsoft held the event so early. It can be risky to announce a product without any pricing details, but it can create a buzz like this. Hopefully Apple doesn’t completely wipe it out with the iPad Mini.

[via Neowin]

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    Well duuh! The surface can replace a laptop, while the iPad is a big iPod (useless).

  • Sunovavic

    At launch, what exactly can the Surface RT do the iPad can’t and what can the iPad do the surface RT will not be able to do?

  • Dave

    it has a full sized usb port, a micro sd card slot, a mini hdmi port, a very neat keyboard cover, a wide array of compatible peripherals due to legacy driver support, ms office, multitasking capabilities, an imho way nicer ui, flash support… i think you get the general idea.
    oh and did i mention it has a FU*KING FILE EXPLORER!!
    i rest my case.

  • fwaits

    User profiles…


  • Sunovavic

    yes all great! And I am getting one when it comes out but I’m concerned about what I’m going to do with it without apps that can use the full capabilities you listed.

  • Dave

    you don’t need apps to use anything i listed. Those features are all part of the OS itself. and any app developed specifically for windows rt will certainly utilize all of the aforementioned features if necessary.
    also, apps in general will be way more powerful than on iOS or even on Android. Just wait and see what developers will come up with. I’m personally hoping for a serious developing environment and some sort of video encoder (surface rt should be plenty powerful to convert some short sd clips)

  • DJWalata

    Don’t. As a Zune/Windows Phone owner I can tell you Microsoft will screw you over. One year from now they’ll stop making them, release a new OS that’s not compatible and disable all the features. You’ll be left looking at its lifeless screen, the only image is the reflection of your sobbing face. Microsoft has been taken over by space aliens who need human regret to nurish themselves.