Windows Phone 8 not fully demo’d at Nokia’s event because it’s not finished

With the big Nokia event behind us, many people are left wondering, “Why didn’t Microsoft show off more of Windows Phone 8 with their number one partner?” According to The Verge, the answer is simple. Windows Phone 8 is still buggy and has already experienced one internal delay. The big Nokia event was meant to take some of Apple’s thunder away before tomorrow, but it’s more likely that the Nokia announcement will go out with a whimper while news sites focus on the big iPhone 5 announcement expected to take place. It’s ill timing that we talked about in the podcast this week, but the fact that no new Windows Phone 8 features were discussed further sealed the deal.

Windows Phone 8 was supposed to launch in early October, before Windows 8. However, Microsoft pushed the release date to October 29th with devices having availability in November. This was caused by delays and bugs during testing. Both Samsung and Nokia seem on board to have their devices ready for launch, but HTC in particular seems to have hit several snags in testing its Windows Phone 8 offering which is why the device likely won’t be available until 2013.

It looks like Microsoft is doing its typical rush job to try and get out first, which will only negatively impact Windows Phone 8. Let’s hope they step back and make this launch something that the tech world can remember.


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