[Chart] Apple iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung ATIV S

As always, when a competitor releases their top of the line device we like to compare it to what the Windows World has to offer. Today the iPhone 5 was unveiled, so it’s time to put it to the ultimate test against the two top Windows Phone 8 devices.

In the chart we compare the Lumia 920 and the ATIV S to the iPhone 5. There are a couple specs we couldn’t find for the iPhone since Apple doesn’t like putting all that technical jargon on their website (they thing it will confuse us). We think the Lumia 920 and ATIV S look pretty darn nice next to the iPhone 5. What about you?

  • richandwhite

    In the past the iPhone has set a new bar for all other phones to match, I don’t see anything in the iPhone that is terribly impressive. Most top end Android phones have had better specs for year. It’s width is impressive, but I imagine with the new size and screen, the already unimpressive battery life will take a hit.

  • windows phone are gonna rock…:)

  • Hold the Phone… 16GB Ram on the ATIV S?

  • WP8

    Clearly the iPhone 5 shows Apple has ran out of ideas *or missing Steve Jobs*
    Either way a new era of devices are rising, Windows Phones :)
    The specs clearly show who the REAL winners are.

  • Sobr0801

    Im pretty sure the iPhone has battery life going for it. I am just wondering how its going to handle LTE.

  • Shut the front door! He just said Hold the Phone!