Google partners with Boingo for free WiFi except for iOS and Windows Phone users

I guess offering free WiFi no matter the operating system you use is a bit too magnanimous, but Google doesn’t see it that way. The company has partnered with Boingo to provide free WiFi to more than 4,000 hotspots across the country, so long as you’re not trying to access them using iOS, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry. It makes sense as the promotion is being sponsored exclusively by Google Play, which is formerly known as the Android Marketplace.

The interesting aspect of the promotion is that while iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry users are left out, OS X and Windows laptops are perfectly fine to use. I guess Google Chrome is the link the company sees for those devices. The promotion will be available across country and includes 15 airports, as well as numerous other public places such as hotels, cafes, shipping malls and more. Dawn Callahan, the VP of Boingo seems particularly pleased with the deal.

“Google Play is the first to take part in our newly expanded Wi-Fi sponsorship network, which reaches millions of consumers each month with place-based brand engagements. Sponsorships like this give users the free Wi-Fi they crave, advertisers the consumer interaction they need, and venues the revenue to offset the costs associated with providing a high-bandwidth Wi-Fi experience.”

So there you have it, folks. If you’ll be traveling over the upcoming holidays you won’t be able to connect your Windows Phone to Boingo’s wireless networks for free, but don’t hesitate to connect your laptop.

[via NBC]

  • Robert Marino

    It would be smarter for Google to allow everyone, but have a login web redirect screen targeted specifically at iPhone/Windows Phone users spewing some clever propaganda. Something like, “Hey, we noticed you’re not using an Android phone, so we know you won’t get as much use out of this free internet as others will, since you can’t do X, Y, Z . We at Google still love you though, and want you to get the most out of your limited devices, so do your best to enjoy, and remember, we’re always here when you need us.”

    This way the consumers are happy with free internet, Google gets advertising directed against its competitors, snarky remarks get made, and fanboys have something new to complain about. Everyone wins!