No matter how you say it, Microsoft is happy if you use Bing

“What’s the name of that new Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie?”

“I don’ know, you should Bing it.”

The conversation above doesn’t happen too often, but Microsoft isn’t worried.┬áIn an interview with Fast Company, Microsoft’s Adam Sohn talked about the verbiness of Bing. Google has become synonymous with search, so it’s not uncommon to hear someone say “Google it” even if they aren’t refering directly to

Sohn doesn’t care if someone “Googles it” on Bing. He compares it to Kleenex. Once you pull it out of the box it’s just a tissue, no matter what you call it. As more people use Bing they will realize the brand behind it.

Meanwhile, on Hawaii Five-O they will continue to “Bing it.”

[via The Verge]

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