Nokia Stock Bounces Back to $3 After Apple’s Tepid iPhone Announcement

Nokia had a tough time after their Windows Phone 8 announcement last Wednesday, as the stock value for the company dropped 16%. This was most likely due to investors not being happy with Nokia not announcing prices or release dates, combined with the PureView fiasco that the company quickly apologized for. However, yesterday’s Apple announcement seems to have bolstered investors, as the stock has risen back to its ~$3 mark.

Tech blogs were aflutter yesterday with the new iPhone 5 specs, which are merely on par with current Android and Windows Phone 8 offerings. Many expected the iPhone 5 to blow current devices out of the water, but when that didn’t happen, talk of the new Nexus and the Lumia 920’s permeated major site’s reporting of the iPhone 5. It’s great to see that investors are responding to the buzz, because Nokia really has a chance to swing the Windows Phone 8 partnership in their favor.





  • Sondre Krumsvik

    iPhone was a huge step for apple and it will sell like hotcakes. Most consumers only care about the brand and not price, functionality and things android and windowsphone does better than iOS. More apps is one of the key features, but I want to make the device MINE. I am the one who is using it so it should fit me. iOS is called userfriendly, but I struggle when I use it. WP and Android are better if you give it some time and think things through.