Microsoft may not offer retail packaging for Windows 8

Since almost the beginning of time consumers have been able to walk into a store and buy a copy of Windows in disk form. Most people usually don’t need to do this because their computer came with the current version, or they downloaded the update. It was still a good option to have, but it may be coming to an end.

WPDang is reporting that Microsoft will be cancelling retail packaging for Windows 8. This means that there will only be a few ways to get Windows 8 on your computer.

  1. Buy a PC that comes preloaded with Windows 8.
  2. Use an OEM coupon or promotion to upgrade a Windows 7 PC.
  3. XP, Vista, or 7 uses can upgrade online for $15 from 7, and $40 from XP and Vista.

This is yet another move to cut down on production costs so Microsoft can sell it as cheap as possible. Upgrading online is a good way for most people, but there will be some who miss the physical disks. The future is coming, and Microsoft is hell bent on forcing it on us.

[via WPCentral]

  • Paradise

    I hope that is just false rumor.. I plan to buy retail Win 8, because I bought new laptop two weeks ago without OS and now I’m running on Enterprise preview.

  • richandwhite

    I’m betting that’s just a rumor. It’s just a disc and packaging that costs a few cents to produce, so why not offer more ways to purchase it? After all, they have to have something to put on the shelves of all these shiny new retail stores.