Windows Phone 7.8 spotted in action on the Lumia 800 [Video]

If you’re not salivating over a Windows Phone 8 device yet you’re probably more interested in what the 7.8 update will bring to your device. Someone over at windowsmania has posted a video of 7.8 allegedly running on a Nokia Lumia 800.

The video does seem to be pretty legit. The People Hub tile is animated, and the Bazaar tile shows a notification. Not much is shown other than the new Start Screen, and a lot of tile resizing. It’s still very unclear what will be included in 7.8 besides the Start Screen, but hopefully that will be more clear soon.

[via WMPU]

  • Tumultus

    Why would Windows 7.8 be running on a Lumia 920 rather than on a Windows 7 device? This sounds rather fishy to me! If anything, he 920 should run a prototype of Windows Phone 8 in case the final version of WP8 isn’t ready yet.

  • Sobr0801

    Depending on what the Verizon line up looks like, ill probably be getting a trophy till my contract is up.

  • Joe_Fedewa

    Yeah, my bad. Its fixed.