Microsoft patents silencing a phone by “whacking” it off

Another day, another patent filing. This time it’s from Microsoft, who seems to be trying to patent the most clever way to integrate a masturbatory joke in technology yet. The specific patent details “whacking off” a phone in order to silence it once it’s ringing. Since the term “whack” has no real definition of force between two different people, there’s no telling what sort of motion this is. They just couldn’t stick with flip to silence?

[via PatentBolt]

  • The image of a well-dressed business person attacking their phone for ringing mid-meeting is hilarious too me.

    Is pushing the power/volume-rocker really that difficult? I mean, kudos for Microsoft for thinking outside the box here… but how necessary is this? I can’t envision myself using it (but I can be OCD about checking to see if my volume is silenced in class, at work, etc).