Is HTC getting ready for something big? [Update]

HTC just posted the above image to their Facebook page, with the caption, “when beautiful hardware meets stunning software.” What do you think? Is this a tablet of some sort, or perhaps a Windows Phone? We’re intrigued here at WinSource and we can’t wait to see what HTC brings us tomorrow. The biggest hint that this could be Windows Phone related is that the traditional 10:08 clock shown in the image isn’t the over the top Android widget HTC is famous for in their advertising. It’s the sleek style of Windows Phone.

Update: Looks like this is indeed a Windows Phone device. HTC has also posted a countdown of their past Windows-based devices, all but confirming this will be a new WP8 device.

[via Facebook]

  • k s

    ARRRG, it’s to be the best talk like a pirate day yet matey!!

  • So… a whole slew of Android devices and one or two WP8 things that will get briefly mentioned before being shuffled off stage, right?

  • Joe_Fedewa

    If they are teasing it on their facebook page it will probably be a bigger deal than usual.

  • fuzzylumpkins

    WP8 is going to crush Android. I’m not a fanboy of either, I use an Android phone, but from what ive seen so far, Apple let a lot of people down and Windows is generating a LOT of buzz with 8. My guess is that its going to be a premium WP8 device.

  • Tariq

    10:08 again