Leaked image shows ZTE’s next range of Windows Phones?

ZTE has been a scrappy little underdog when it comes to Windows Phone handsets. The Chinese company was not part of the big four announcement for official manufacturers earlier this year, instead that honor fell on rival Chinese company Huawei’s shoulders. Still, ZTE seems good-natured about their faith in Windows Phone, as the company has continuously stated that it plans on releasing several devices.

The photo above was reportedly tweeted by Dennis Lui, ZTE’s phone marketing strategy manager. The caption included with the photo was:

“Two heads are better than one, MacroHard”, “Two heads are better moral of Microsoft’s three systems: WP7.5, WP7.8, WP8 MacroHard Microsoft “Microsoft” joked – “Ju hard”.

At least one of the phones is possibly Windows Phone 7.8 only, which isn’t surprising considering Nokia has been rumored to be releasing a new WP 7.8 only handset for the burgeoning Chinese market.

[via winpc.cn]


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