HTC 8X and 8S join the colorful Windows Phone 8 lineup [Video]

HTC let the world in on its Windows Phone 8 plan today, which consists of the HTC 8X and 8S. These colorful devices are a great addition to an already impressive lineup for Windows Phone 8. Since there is a lot to talk about I decided to make a video. I talk about what these devices mean for consumer choice, how they will compete with the Nokia Lumia’s, and I even take a sneak peak into HTC’s design team. Check out the video for all this, and more!

  • PacificNormWest

    Well, Joe, it all looks great. The color options are appealing, especially for someone who had iOS for years and has too much black/white/grey represented in my wardrobe. As well, I got bored with iOS and would never go Android. Never. My second line is eligible for an upgrade, but without unlimited data, so an outright purchase is in the making. My speculation is to go Lumia 920, since I have the Lumia 900, but again, my final choice will not be made until I get a look at the camera and perhaps, another OEM will introduce another WP8. Who knows? All that being said, my vote goes to Lumia 920. It’s great to see the hardware presentations, but so frustrating that the software component is still shrouded in mystery. Darn Redmondites!