Nokia-created Infographic finds iPhone 5 wanting, hints at cyan Lumia 920

Earlier this week we saw Samsung take pot-shots at Apple with their Samsung Galaxy S3 ad that compares everything the Android behemoth has that the iPhone 5 doesn’t. Today, Nokia posted this infographic to their Facebook page to show the differences between the Nokia Lumia 920 and the iPhone 5, predictably putting the Lumia 920 on top. Admittedly there are areas where the iPhone 5 excels, like developer support, but that can easily be won by Nokia producing top-notch devices that the world wants to use.

As a side note, check out that bottom panel titled Design and color. It says five colors, but Nokia has snuck in cyan again, which leads me to believe that cyan will be a color choice for the 920 eventually.


  • I can’t believe that Nokia is trying to claim the 920 has more/better accessories than the iPhone. I’d rather have a 920 than an iPhone, but that is one category the iPhone 5 will surely win.

  • PacificNormWest

    Agreed, the iPhone has better accessories.

  • J

    The info-graphic might be referring to accessories provided by the manufacturer?

  • Sunovavic

    Unfortunately for Nokia… Apple will have sold millions before people can even start buying 920s.

  • Tumultus

    For the moment, there are not many accessories for the iPhone 5 due the new connector. Being able to use old-plug accessories with an adapter doesn’t really make it a true iPhone accessory, does it?
    (In case you answer my above question with yes, consider that you actually can use iPhone Bluetooth accessories also on a Nokia, so, I think it is just reasonable to draw the line and not include old-connection-style accessories nor 3rd-party offerings.)