Third place WinSource app contest winner open sources his creation

A few months ago as part of Developer Appreciation Month, WinSource ran a contest for WP developers to create an app for the site. We received several good submissions and choosing a winner was hard. Our third place winner, Sebastien Lachance has taken the time to detail his app’s creation process on Nokia’s developer’s resource.

The resulting app is called NewsReader Pro and is designed to be an open source guide to creating a news reader app that functions well for any site that gives permission. The app is a great guideline for developers who may be interested in the app creation process or to see the specific design decisions that Sebastien took with his entry into our contest. Currently, Sebastien has made the application available with the only restriction being that it cannot be published with our logo or assets from this site, as it is not the official app.

For developers who may be interested in Sebastien’s design and process for app development, you can check it out here.



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