Sample photos and video taken with the HTC 8X show off impressive camera

HTC made camera buffs very happy on Wednesday when they announced the 8X would include the same technology as the One X. The Android-powered One X has been heralded for it’s impressive camera that uses a special dedicated chip for processing photos and videos. HTC didn’t let us test the camera ourselves at the event, but some sample shots and video show a great camera.

The photos on this page, and the video below were taken with the HTC 8X by¬†Techgoondu. The photos are very crisp and clear, and the video looks very nice for a phone camera. It will be really interesting to see how the 8X camera compares to the Lumia 920. Many people want the 920 because of the PureView camera, but what if HTC’s camera is better?

[via WMPU]

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