Carbon dev dumping Windows Phone for Android

Well, that didn’t last long. After only seven months of being available on the Windows Phone marketplace, Carbon developer M.Saleh Esmaeili has decided that he will drop the platform in favor of Android. This will be the third platform switch for the app, as it was originally conceived on WebOS before jumping to Windows Phone. The developer talks about his reasoning on his Google+ page, but it seems very arbitrary to me.

The developer recently switched to Android and seems to be having a honeymoon period with the OS, so it seems natural that he’d want to switch his development focus to the platform. However, I think Carbon could have found a well respected home among Twitter apps here on Windows Phone if the developer would have remained dedicated to the platform instead of jumping ship each time he personally switches operating systems. What do you think? Have you purchased Carbon in the past?



  • someone mentioned elsewhere that he was paid by android to switch. I dont know if thats true. but instead of making it free and unsupported he had it removed altogether from the store, so maybe thats what happened.

  • There’s a blog post more specifically about it on their site:

    Basically, their revenue barely covered their cost of making it and since it is their fulltime job and not a side-project, they can’t continue on it. To stop new sales and any sort of continued dissatisfaction with an updated app, he pulled it from the market, like they did for the webOS version in the past.

    Android at least has a lot bigger marketshare for potential buyers to come from, so hopefully they will find more success there. It’s a good app and I hate to see it get pulled from the WP marketplace, but if they can’t afford to be updating it, its probably for the best.

  • well candybar for OSX did it correctly, updated for 10.8 and made it free and unsupported and they would do minor updates. their words “we’re also not comfortable simply making it disappear, instead making it free and unsupported” I paid for carbon but since my reset its no longer in the marketplace.

  • basically, it’s not the OS, it’s the app. Make a compelling useful app and people will buy it.