Cyan, grey, and black Lumia 920’s won’t be available at launch?

We have come to accept that the cyan Lumia 920 will be reserved for a later special launch of its own, but will black and grey join it? A Nokia employee at Photokina in Germany was asked about the cyan Lumia 920 and gave this response:

“I’m sure it will come later like grey and – but I’m not absolutely sure – black”

Wha-what? We can see grey being reserved for later, bu we would be surprised if the black version was not available right away. That would leave only yellow, red, and white. Black may not be an exciting color, but most people still prefer black smartphones. Just look around. Quotes from employees tend to be wildly inaccurate, so keep that in mind.

[via WMPU]

  • Wha-wha? No black immediately? If this turns out to be true I’ll be waiting until it’s available. I love my black Lumia 900.

  • there really isnt any excuse for them not to release all the colors at the same time. what would they be waiting for? something to show off for christmas time? I know I’m exaggerating but there may not be much of a market xmas time if they dont have a big release in late october.