IE 10 for Windows Phone 8 destroys WP7, loses to iPhone 5

Internet Explore 10 was on of the bullet points that Joe Belfiore touched on in the Windows Phone 8 event earlier in the summer. He talked about how IE10 brings 2 times more HTML 5 support than WP7. In the latest Windows Phone 8 SDK we can get a taste of what that really means.

In a test against Windows Phone 7, and iOS 6, IE 10 finished in 2nd place. With a score of 319+6 compared the iOS 6’s 360+9, and WP7’s 121+5. You can see how big the difference is between WP8 and 7. HTML 5 is being used more and more on the internet, so it is critically important for Windows Phone to support the standard.

[via WPCentral]

  • eduk8

    EMy galaxy s2 running ICS custom from scores 365. WP8 looks awesome though! Very interested in the new windows phone and tablet as a switch in future

  • Tumultus

    Did you know that you get much higher results by actually using a real-life device rather than running the Windows Phone SDK emulated in a development environment? My 2 Windows 7 devices score 20 points more than the SDK, so, imagine you run a real WP8 device against the iPhone – pretty close I would say!
    And just for comparison, you also should show the scores for iP4. :)

  • Chrome on my NexusS (running JellyBean) got a 369 with 11 bonus points.



  • doesn’t matter considering many devs are finding out how bad HTML5 over native apps.