More details about “Rooms” in Windows Phone 8 unveiled

A couple weeks ago we wrote about a Windows Phone 8 feature called “Rooms,” but we didn’t have many details about it. Today we are finally finding out more about this new feature.┬áRooms are like group chats on steroids. Users will be able to create groups of people, like you can now, but you’ll be able to do much more with the groups.

Besides simply chatting with people in the Room, you will also be able to share notes, build a group calendar, and share photos. In the screenshots above we can see the default group that will come with a new WP8 handset. This looks like a nice feature to have, but it might not be very useful if none of your friends use Windows Phone. Expect to hear more about Rooms at Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 event in October.

[via The Verge]

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