Nokia could sue HTC over 8X design

Last week when we reported on the HTC 8X, we mentioned the uncanny resemblance the phone’s design held to Nokia’s Lumia series. Even the bright choice of colors seemed to mimic Nokia’s flare for the bold. Apparently Nokia hasn’t let the “inspiration” slide and may decide to sue HTC over the current design of the 8X and possibly the 8S. What do you think? Is a lawsuit warranted or is there space enough for a veritable rainbow of phones on carrier shelves?

Obviously lawsuits can be bad for such a burgeoning ecosystem, but I can’t help but feel that HTC has stepped on some toes here.

[via PC-Tablet]

  • JSYOUNG571

    I wish HTC and Samsung would not support Microsoft Windows Phones period. It is time for Microsoft to learn their lesson. They have raised this brat “Nokia” by showing all kinds of favoritism toward them while ignoring the other companies which is bad business. I don’t know any other platform that is doing that while at the same time being unfair to it’s customers who pay their money for Windows Phone just like customers buying a Nokia. This is one of the major reasons I may “NOT” buy a Windows phone. I say let Microsoft go right on ahead and bury their Windows Phone platform in the ground along with Nokia.

  • Tumultus

    Care to share some examples? What privileges does Nokia have on Windows Phone that other manufacturers don’t have? As of now, I can’t think of any!
    BTW: Your comment missed the topic covered in this article by a mile or 2! :)

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    Nokia had a lot closer cooperation with Microsoft than the others. I might be wrong, but didn’t Microsoft buy shares in nokia? Nokia have put a lot of their software into their WP devices.

  • LukeRayman

    Nokia is not Apple… ;)

  • Not So Simple

    so in your case, Google have recently bought Motorola,
    Surely Moto is now going to have some inside help from Google… thus, we should not buy Android phone as well????

    Damn, we only got iPhone to use now!!

  • Not So Simple

    By signing strategic partnership, of course you are going to have unfair advantages, otherwise, why would anyone want to sign with Microsoft? it is all about business, all about the price tag…

    Nokia signed one with Microsoft, so I doubt you will see a Nokia Android phone any time soon… that’s probably part of the deal the signed with MS..

    I doubt hTC or Samsung would ever do that… hence, sorry bud, no advantages for you!!!

  • I would expect Microsoft to step in to stop that since HTC’s phones are officially branded as their flagship WP8 phones. They really don’t want their ecosystem imploding before getting off the ground.