Deal Flux for Windows Phone Review [Video]

If you’re like me you love a good bargain. Some of the best websites for bargains are the daily deal sites that put items on sale for 24 hours. is perhaps the most popular daily deal site, but there are many more. The only problem is you’ve got to check the sites every single day or you’ll miss a deal. This is where Deal Flux comes in.

Deal Flux is a daily deal aggregator. It puts all the deals from Woot, 1SaleaDay, DailySteals, and more at your finger tips. The app has one of the nicest designs I’ve seen in a Windows Phone app. It’s colorful, simple, and uses the swipe navigation perfectly. Deal Flux also has live tiles which make checking the deals every day even easier. Check out the video above for the full review. Deal Flux is a free app that can save you a lot of money.


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