AT&T reportedly training employees for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 launch

AT&T is once again stepping up to be the champion for Windows Phone. The folks over at WPCentral have confirmed with their sources that AT&T is getting ready for a big¬†launch¬†with WP8 and Windows 8. Let’s start with Windows Phone 8.

AT&T is scheduling two training dates for employees to get familiar with Windows Phone 8. These dates are September 30th and October 16th. Since neither of these dates is after the rumored October 21st launch of the Lumia 920 the rumor still stands. We do know that AT&T will be getting the HTC 8X in early November, and probably the Samsung ATIV S too.

Now on to Windows 8. The Lenovo ThinkPad 2 officially has AT&T LTE, so that is one tablet we know for sure will be in AT&T store. Acer and Samsung may join Lenovo on the AT&T store shelves, but that has not been confirmed yet. Microsoft Surface will not be in AT&T stores since it is a WiFi-only device.

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