Lumia 920 screen sensitivity tested with a fork

Alright, so this probably doesn’t have a practical application in the real world unless you want to be able to text  while you’re eating and not get your phone greasy, but it’s still a good demo of the super sensitive touch screen that’s available on the Nokia Lumia 920. The screen responds well to individual taps as well as all four of the prongs being on the phone at once, which says a lot for the Synaptics 3 touch technology behind the screen. What do you think? Is the super sensitive screen a selling factor for you on Nokia’s upcoming phones?


  • Sondre Krumsvik

    I thought modern smartphones were supposed to react to only fingers and special pens in order to not send texts or make calls unwillingly.

  • vioalas

    It also has a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor, it wont makes texts or calls unwillingly if it’s in your pocket. It shouldn’t at least.