glƏƏk! for Windows 8 hands-on and review [Video]

Windows Phone users may be familiar with the name glƏƏk!. The quirky and fun Twitter app is already popular among the phone crowd, and now it’s making it’s way to the big screen. glƏƏk! for Windows 8 has all the goodies you are familiar with in the phone app.

There are only a few Twitter apps fro Windows 8 available right now, but glƏƏk! is easily one of the best. The live tile shows an unread mention count, text of the mention, and the avatar of the user who Tweeted at you. Inside the app there is great stuff like a separate section for photos, Twitter Trends, and text effects. Check out the video below for a rundown of some of the best glƏƏk! features. There is so much to explore in this app you really need to try it for yourself.