What accessories do you use with your phone?

It seems like nowadays accessories are almost as important as the phone itself. When the iPhone 5 was announced with a new dock connector cable people were upset because all their accessories are now obsolete. That is the price of progress, and Nokia is trying to solve that problem with some accessories of their own.

Our question is how important are accessories to you, and what accessories do you use? Are you one of those people who needs a case and screen protector on every phone? Do you like to stream music to Bluetooth speakers? Or are you just an accessory-free simpleton? Let us know below!

  • Pjonk

    Accessories are not that importent to me, but if they fill a purpose i will buy it. I will probably get the fatboy, looks kind of nice.

  • I have as small of a protective case as possible (which I go without about half the time), home and car chargers, and that’s it. All my music is in the cloud so if I’m near a PC I can use it instead of needing a dock. And if I am on the go or in the art studio I prefer headphones to loudspeaker anyway.

    I do have an old Bluetooth headset but I talk to people on my PC more than my phone these days… so its in a drawer somewhere.